Dream Maker Rabbitry

  Breeding Show Quality Mini Rex & Mini Satins

Formally known as "Spencerville Hillside Rabbitry"(Ashley LaFave)

Member of the American Rabbit Breeders Association 

we are a Registered Rabbitry 

Welcome to Dream Maker Rabbitry on the Web!

We are a small  Registered Rabbitry located in Spencerville, Ontario, Canada(40 mins South of Ottawa), breeding Quality Mini Rex, Mini Satin's  and Belgian Hares from the best lines around Canada and the US. All our animals are pedigreed. Only the best of the best animals are held back to keep improving our herd and to do well on the show tables. We breed for Quality, Health and Temperament. Babies are handled from day one to ensure they will have good table manners but also make great pets as well.

I started breeding rabbits in 2001 at the age of 12 years old. I have tried breeding many breeds of rabbits over the years to find my favorite breed(s). In 2007, I was hit with some bad feed which resulted in losing 95% of my herd in 48 hours. It was very devastating and hard to deal with when my rabbits are my babies. I decided it was time to take a break from breeding and gave my leftover stock that survived to pet homes nearby. The bad feed damaged them internally so they were best suited for pets only. I was completely heartbroken but I knew it was the best for them.

6 years later, I married the man of my dreams in December of 2012. I have decided to start breeding rabbits once more but this time together as a team. I have waited a long time to breed again but I think waiting has paid off.

I attend many shows throughout the US and Ontario with other places on occasion.

We have gotten some great show/breeding stock from great friends and great breeders throughout Canada and the US.

We enjoy this hobby every much and look forward to sharing it with many others along the way for many many more years to come.

We strive to produce perfection!

Dream Maker Reptiles

We also breed Crested Geckos in a few different morphs and plan to expand our small herd once we move.

Our Cresties can be found here. 

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Spencerville, Ontario
We are located in Spencerville, Ontario Canada

Canadian Rabbit Breeders can be found at this link below: