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Belgian Hare Bucks

PR's Mustang

Standard Jr. Buck

Lovely little Jr buck that I'm growing out and plan to show if he continues to be nice. Hes got an amazing personality for a Belgian Hare and just loves people and being with my Dachshund, Skippy.

All Rarehare lines.

Rare Hare's Ferrari

Black and Tan Sr. Buck


PR's Camaro aka "Camie"

Standard Jr. Doe

This little girl is just like Mustang for personality. She's so cuddly and loves the attention a lot. Shes still young yet so we will be growing her out to see how she turns out. She also love Skippy our Dachshund. 

All Rarehare Lines

Rare Hare's Mercedes 

Black and Tan Sr. Doe

Currently confirmed bred to a nice Black and Tan import buck :)