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  Breeding Show Quality Mini Rex & Mini Satins

Mini Rex Bucks

Working on Mini Rex's with Beth Collins and Melissa Martin

Reg. GCH. Family Pride's Oden

Blue Eyed White Sr. Buck- 4 legs

Sire: Reg. GCH Family Pride's Zeus(BEW) 21 legs

Dam: Reg. GCH Family Pride's High Class(BEW) 3 legs

past his show prime. Brood buck now. his a typical buck so trying to get him to sit still for one second or pose correctly for one second is difficult. He's more interested in the girls he smells on the carpet lol.

Reg. Family Pride's Radioactive

Broken Black Sr. Buck(carries blue and chocolate) 2 leg(1 BOV, 1 BOSB)

Sire: Reg. GCH BC's Brez(Broken Black) 4 legs

Dam: Reg. GCH Family Pride's Ice Cap(Lilac) 3 legs

2nd place out of 17 at PASRBA

3rd place out of 15 at PASRBA

I'd say he did well for his first show and with stiff competition!

Reg. SS's Felix

Blue Eyed White Sr. Buck
Sire: Guesswein's Echo(BEW)
Dam: SS's Penny(caster)
He's pulling away a bit in the photo making him look long in the shoulder which he isn't. 

Reg. GCH Hay-Mou's Robby

Castor Sr. Buck- 3 legs

Reg. GCH Ral's Dallas(castor) 
Out of Reg. Ral's Dee Dee(castor)

Reg. Family Pride's Blue Lite

Blue Eyed White Sr. Buck 2 legs

Sire: Reg. GCH Family Pride's Zeus(BEW) 21 legs

Dam: Reg. GCH Family Pride's Magna(BEW) 7 legs

Reg. Family Pride's Smoke Signal

Lilac Sr. Buck

Sire: Reg. GCH Uncle Pete's Chambords(Chocolate) 3 legs

Dam: Reg. GCH Family Pride's Bombshell(Lilac) 3 legs


 I'd only fault him in needing to have a shorter midsection. 

Reg. Hop Chocolates 401

Black Otter Sr. Buck

Sire: Hop Chocolate's Superfine(Brk. Black) 1 leg

Dam:Hop Chocolate's If Only(Black Otter)

Nice small buck with a HQ to die for! Great fur and I love his type. Will be a great herd buck for my otters. Only fault him on having a white spot due to an injury  and needs a wider head.

Lines are Icebox, Maximus, Rals, Redleman, Ezdae's, Briallu and Kellys

Reg. Family Pride's Cobalt

Blue Sr. Buck

Sire: Reg. Timber Oaks Sue(Black)

Dam: Reg. GCH Family Pride's Whichy Women(Lilac) 5 legs

Carries Chocolate

Line's are Kelly's, Lake Country, Wallys, BC, and Family Pride

Reg. Family Pride's Top Gun

Broken Tort  Sr. Buck

Sire:Reg. GCH BC's Brez(Broken Black) 4 legs

Dam: Nikki's Mini's Carmella(tort)

He's a bigger guy but well put together. Carries dilute.

Dream Maker's Reese

Chocolate Jr. Buck- 1 leg

Sire: Reg. Wally's Mojito(Lilac)

Dam:Family Pride's Ava(Brk. Black)

Can't wait for this guy to hit the show tables!

Reg. Sunny's Ziggy

Red Eyed White Sr. Buck

Sire: Icebox's Step Under(Silver Martin BOV 2013 ARBA Convention)

Dam: Jen's Prim(Broken Black)

Dream Maker's Cash

Broken Blue Jr. Buck

Sire: Reg. Family Pride's Smoke Signal(Lilac)

Dam: Family Pride's Ava(Broken Black)

Chocolate Carrier

Promising little guy I'm watching grow.

Dream Maker's Shockwave

Lilac Otter Jr. Buck

Sire: Reg. GCH Ringer's Wave(Blue Otter-3 legs)

Dam: Reg. Family Pride's River(Blue Otter)