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Iroquoise, ON, canada

Located in Iroquois, Ontario(35 minutes South of Ottawa)


All rabbits are sold on a First come First serve basis unless a 50% deposit has been placed on an animal and a date for pickup or delivery has been arranged. Deposit will be lost if rabbit(s) have not been picked up or delivered by the date arranged. IF I am to hold the rabbit longer then the specified date due to an issue beyond control, boarding fees may apply at $5/day. I will not hold any rabbit(s) until a 50% deposit has been placed. Situations in the past has forced us to be strict on our buying procedures.

If you are buying Multiple rabbits are entitled to a discount. It will be settled over the phone or through email or in person.
 Also 4-H and youth breeders are also entitled to a discount

*US customers! I'm willing to drive across the border to meet if your unable to cross yourself. 
Will deliver to rabbit shows I am attending as well. I attend many US shows in NY as well as a couple shows further if we are able to go.

Show's I will be Attending and Can Deliver:
50% depostie needed

All done showing for 2014.

Mini    Rex

Dream Maker's Venus- Black Otter Jr. Doe

Carries Chocolate and dilute
currently blowing coat. 
$65 w pedigree

Dream Maker's Reba-Broken Black Otter Jr. Doe

Carries Chocolate and Dilute.

Brood doe


Dream Maker's Frozen-REW Jr. Doe

May carry Chocolate and Dilute.

Father is a REW buck from Sue Sykes- Multi BOB winner.


Dream Maker's Fetch-BEW Jr. Buck

Nice boy but he pulled his butt back in the photo making his HQ look horrible! He is a busy boy so this is the best I could get of him. 

He's a nice tiny buck!

with the BEW doe- $125 for the pair

Dream Maker's Sky-BEW Jr. Doe

Cute doe but I just have to many im keeping from the same litter so I can let her go.


with the BEW buck, $125 for the pair.

Dream Maker's Rolo-Broken Chocolate Jr. Buck

Carries Dilute

breeding/pet quality. Hates to pose


Dream Maker's Rusty-Castor Jr. Buck

Lovely show buck

currently molting


Dream Maker's Silver Lining-Black Otter Jr. Buck

Really Love this buck too but I am keeping his lilac otter brother so I am letting him go. Carries Chocolate and dilute.


Dream Maker's Black Betty-Black Sr. Doe

Lovely doe but brood size so unable to be shown due to being bigger. I am only letting her go bc I have many sisters and brothers here as well as her parents.


Dream Maker's Imprint-Booted Castor Jr. Buck

LOVE this buck but I have decided to keep his solid castor brother instead. This guy is lovely but can't be shown as he has too much color. He would make an awesome herd buck for castor projects! He has fur, type, cute head/ear and a lovely full HQ.

Reg. Sunny's Silver Penny

Broken Chinchilla Sr. Doe

Sire: RAR's Classical(Broken Chinchilla)

Dam: Jen's Vanilla(REW)

Asking what I paid $75
coat is a bit course. Bigger brood doe and has large litters.


My Mini Satins All are Chocolate carriers or are Chocolate based unless otherwise stated.

Dream Maker's Scarlet-Red Jr. Doe

Chocolate based red
Lovely show doe right here! She would do very well on the tables!
Anyone wanting a nice show doe, this is her!

Dream Maker's Ellie-Ermine Sr. Doe

Chocolate carrier

Brood size but still a nice looking quality doe.


Dream Maker's Inferno-Red Sr. Buck

Chocolate based red
Love this boy! He's got it all! 
Brood size and has a rip in his ear due to his mommy at birth.
If this guy doesn't sell, I will be using him in my reds. He JUST turned Sr.

Dream Maker's Ruby-Red. Jr. Doe

Chocolate based red

Ruby is a very friendly rabbit and would prefer to be petted then to pose for the camera. She was going to sleep on the grooming table lol