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Phone Ashley at 1-613-658-2514

*Can deliver small item's to shows I will be attending or when I am delivering rabbits as well.

Timothy Hay Cubes

Premium Timothy hay cubes.

some pet owners prefer to use these over loose hay because there is basically no big mess. These are hard as well so they are great for rabbits teeth. All my rabbits have these in their cages at all times along with loose hay.
100% compressed hay.
very fresh and green(photo doesn't  show color well)

2 pound bag $3
5 pound bag $5
10 pound bag $8

Premium Top Quality Organic Timothy Hay

Nice heavy bales that are very green and have been stored inside. Never rained on. This is organic hay, no chemicals or pesticides were used on the field.

This hay is much better and very fresh compared to pet stores. Great for Rabbits, chinchillas, Guinea Pigs, and any other hay eating animals. My animals go crazy for this hay!
No alfalfa at all in these bales either.

whole bale- $20 ea.
flakes(part of bale)-$2 ea.

Rabbit Food

Sur-Gain premium rabbit food is what I feed all my rabbits. It conditions them well, they grow fast and they have great coats. 

I use this feed because its always so fresh and the rabbits love it!

5 pound bag $3.50

10 pound bag $7

55 pound bag(whole bag) $35

Calf Manna Pro

Calf Manna is used to condition rabbits for show to help give them that extra boost they need to get them in the best of condition.

I also give this to my does with babies because it gives her the extra she needs to keep herself built up while feeding her babies. It also helps the babies grow fast and healthy.

makes a great supplement for any rabbit. Keeps them in great shape and better health.

Rabbits love this!


Conditioning and Treat Mix

This mix can be given as a daily treat on top of their food or mixed in. Rabbits go CRAZY for this stuff! Everything in this mix I make is great for them. Just one teaspoon is needed daily and also can be given as a treat every few days.

contains: Calf-Manna, whole oats, crimped oats, large flake oatmeal, barley, flax seed, little bit of corn, little bit of protein pellets and molasses.

Can add black oil sunflower seeds and or oils as well.

Can make a mix of your preference.

I call this my super hero mix!

large zip-lock freezer bag $8

Apple Snacks

These apple wafers are 100% compressed and dried apple. I don't own any rabbit that doesn't love these. As soon as I open the bag, they go crazy in their cages waiting for there treat. 

These are great for all small animals and also excellent for their teeth as they are hard.

$5 a bag

Wood Pellets-Litter/bedding

Wood pellets make great bedding and excellent for litter trained animals.

The pellets stay this shape till wet then it expands to absorb moisture. These pellets smell clean are very easy to use. much less of a mess then shavings.

I use these all the time.

40 pound bag $15


Nice fluffy shavings for bedding and litter.

Can be used for any animals.

I use these all the time.

$15 ea. course shaving bale(pet store kind)

$20ea. Fine Shavings come in bigger sized bale(more like saw dust)

Custom Tattooing

$3 per Rabbit

I use the Inkinator Pen tattooer

I have many colors to choose from along with black ink.

*Can also tattoo at rabbit shows that I will be attending as well.

Custom tattooing

$3 per rabbit

Grand Champion tattoo clamp This is best suited for tattooing larger breeds of rabbits as the numbers/letters are a bit bigger in size.(white one in photo)

I have many colors to choose from along with black ink.
*Can also tattoo at rabbit shows that I will be attending as well.

Custom Tattooing

$3 per Rabbit

I use the Ketchum 50D tattooer. Small and perfect every time.

(grey one in photo)

I have many colors to choose from along with black ink.
*Can also tattoo at rabbit shows that I will be attending as well.

Tattooing Ink

$4.50 ea.

Best tattoo Ink!

Great for Electric and clamp tattooers.

Colors are very rich with heavy pigment so just a tiny bit is needed to make perfect tattoos. It absorbs easily into the skin and colors are bright.

I have 40+ colors to choose from. currently I only have 1 bottle of each color as of right now. 

Best quality goes a long way. 

I mix 1 drop of ink with 2 drops of 70% rubbing alcohol and its still super concentrated for tattooing. This ratio will tattoo about 10 rabbits with 1 drop of ink for electric tattooers or about 5-8 rabbits with Clamp style. It can be diluted more as well depending on your preference. :)


*Can deliver to shows I'm attending

email for availability of colors you want

1/2 oz. bottles

perfect size to fit in tattoo kits and for travelling

tattooing Ink Cups

Small (9mm)-shown in picture



50- $8.00


Medium (12mm)





Larger quantities available

Water system nipples

$4 each set

  • Includes Automatic Waterer + T  and Spring.
  • Ideal for Rabbits, Ferrets, Chinchilla and other small Mammals.
  • nipple does not require a drip cup.
  • Can be used with a variety of wire cages
  • Very easy and quick to assemble
  • Built-In Cage Clip On The Side of the nipple
  • Built-In Adjustable valve, uses 5mm allen key to adjust
  • Tubing ID: 5/16" 
  • 360 degree stainless steel nipple
  • Weight: a few grams per assembled nipple
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • "T" Color: Red
  • Be sure to install the "Flared Out" part of the nipple on the bottom side